Investments in profitable real estate in Europe are a good alternative to investing in Russian residential or commercial real estate. For several years in the market of apartments for rent there is a situation of excess supply, in which the rental rates of real estate are low enough, which makes the purchasing of an apartment for investment purposes not attractive enough for a potential investor. As a result of the introduction of a significant number of housing in recent years, the residential rental market will gradually fall, making it pointless to invest in apartments for rent.

In the commercial real estate market there is a more difficult situation. With a large number of premises, offered for sale, and a good choice of tenants, it is difficult to find a suitable option with an acceptable payback period. In general, the commercial properties, offered for sale, are either substantially overpriced or are not liquid. Purchasing of commercial real estate is always a certain risk for the investor, not counting the complexity and duration of the choice of premises.

We offer a good alternative for real estate investments — investments in profitable real estate in Europe. What is the essence of this proposal? In European countries, as well as in Russia, there is a mortgage lending, which acts as a pledge of the property itself. In some cases, the borrower is unable to repay his mortgage debt to the bank, and then collateral becomes the property of the bank. The bank is interested in getting rid of a non — core asset as soon as possible — an apartment, that was previously sold under mortgage. Most often, at the time of sale of such collateral real estate, the bank has already received a significant part of the cost of housing as a mortgage payments. Therefore, the bank, as the owner of a non — core asset, is interested in selling the asset as soon as possible, — most often an apartment.

As a result, mortgaged real estate goes on sale at prices significantly below market prices. Moreover, for the purchase of such real estate, with some effort, you can get bank financing up to 80% of the asset value. That is, in fact, you can buy an apartment in Spain or another European country, making an initial payment of about 20% of its value. In fact, mortgage apartments in Spain are available at an initial fee of 6000 — 10 000 Euros. These are the properties offered by our Agency.

In the future, the owner of real estate in Europe can obtain a residence permit and become a citizen of the European Union. Moreover, if you bought an apartment in Spain, you can rent it out, getting a regular income in Euros. Our Agency will take over the process of finding a tenant and renting your property in Spain. Owning such apartments, you will get excellent housing in a European country, as well as earn money, getting a guaranteed income in Euros.

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