Retailer Auchan has plans to develop a network of stores «at home»

According to Interfax, network retailer Auchan, working on the Russian market since 2002, after 2020 is going to develop the direction of small stores «at home». In the 2018, 5 new hypermarkets were launched and by the end of this year it is planned to open 1 more hypermarket. In the next 2019 is planned to open two new hypermarkets Moscow area — in Pushkino and Domodedovo. It is also planned to put into operation several supermarkets «City». And in 2020, the company plans to launch about 20 stores. By words of the General Director Francua Remy, company has plans to open small stores. Retailer previously occupied a niche of hypermarkets, but gradually moves to the supermarkets market. The company also plans to open small shops up to 600 m2. According to the retailer’s information, up to 80% of the goods in Auchan are produced by Russian manufacturers. Hypermarket is recognized as the winner in the category «Hypermarket Network» in the national vote «People’s brand».

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